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At William J. Chandek & Associates, LLC, we focus on working with clients who have a compelling personal motivation to do planning. We believe that the foundation of what we provide to our clients is to understand the value of planning for themselves and their loved ones - not just saving tax dollars.  We believe in taking the "collaborative approach" to business and estate planning, as well as to post-mortem administration of trusts and estates. We have found that effective and responsible service to our clients requires us to maintain relationships with other competent and motivated professionals including business consultants, CPA's, financial planners, insurance brokers/agents, stock brokers, trust officers, and real estate professionals. We recognize that planning is an on-going process, and that our client’s needs and lives will change over time, so we continue to be a source of experience and help for them as time goes on.


As the principal of William J. Chandek & Associates, LLC, William J. Chandek holds the highest standards of client service and lawyer accessibility.  Mr. Chandek has been an active member in a number of local and national business and estate planning organizations including Business Enterprise Institute (BEI), Wealth Counsel LLC, Wealth Counsel Advisors Forum, the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, the Illinois/Wisconsin Forum of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, the National Committee on Planned Giving, and the Planned Giving Council of Eastern Wisconsin. He was a Co-founding Member (and former Chancellor) of the Estate Planning Institute of Collaborative Resources (EPICOR Corporation) and a Fellow of the Esperti Peterson Institute (EPI). He is a graduate of the EPI Advanced Studies Program and the EPI Masters Program (a 3 year post-doctoral program concentrating in advanced estate and wealth planning strategies).  

Mr. Chandek is admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin, the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin and the United States Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison (1979) and Pepperdine University School of Law (1984).

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